How Prawns Good for Weight Loss

The prawn is a mild-flavored, low-calorie protein source. Prawns provide a lightly sweet flavor that pairs well with Asian vegetables and flavorings, such as curries and other spicy sauces. In a diet for weight loss, prawns offer several nutritional benefits.
Calories:A serving of four prawns that weighs about one ounce provides 20 calories, or 1 percent of a standard 2,000-calorie diet. Creating an energy deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn is the essential basis for weight loss. If you eat prawns instead of beef or poultry in the same amount, you will consume about one-third the calories.
Protein:A serving of four prawns provides 3.8 g of protein, or 8 percent of the 50 g Food and Drug Administration daily value. High protein, low- carbohydrate diets influence weight loss in the short term because a reduction in carbs causes the body to lose fluid. In the long term, however, protein influences weight loss because it helps build muscle. A body that has high muscle mass burns more calories at rest. The basal metabolism burns as much as 75 percent of the daily calorie intake.
Fat:The fat content in four prawns is .3 g, or less than 1 percent of the 65 g FDA daily value. Calorie density is the principal concern relating dietary fat to weight loss. A fat gram provides 9 calories, compared with protein and carbohydrates, which provide 4 calories per gram. The goal of weight loss is reducing calorie intake. The body needs 65 g of fat daily. The intake of dietary fat should not exceed the daily requirement to avoid accumulating excess calories.
Glycemic Index:The glycemic index categorizes prawns as a low- glycemic food. When you consume a low-glycemic food, it does not raise your blood glucose level to an abnormal level. Monitoring the body's blood glucose is important because frequent rises result in glycogen storage that eventually leads to weight gain.

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